We are a small very active non profit organization. Mariana Blank, poet and our director, is originally from Siebenbuergen.(Transylvania)

For a number of years we have helped the most destitute people in Romania and have managed to implement numerous social projects.

The assistance that we offer is often comprehensive and too much to break down into detail but we have still managed to provide a short summary on our website.

Please feel free to contact us, we gladly share progress on our projects. The assistance that we provide hits our target as we have experience with the people of the region and the social infrastructure. As we know the Rumanian language we are often flooded with requests for assistance.

Please help us to help.

Help us to assist.

In the last few years there have been many changes.

Thanks to hard work, multiple donations and support our nonprofit (registered charity) has assisted numerous street children, the ill and poverty stricken people in Romania. We have also initiated several large social projects that have been completed with our assistance.

We have to pay a special tribute to all the people and organizations that have assisted us in our endeavors. A special thank you is directed at Roswitha Kugelman of Contact in Augsburg e.V.

We are grateful for any assistance no matter in what capacity or the size of any financial donation.