The new school in our church in Vaideiu

With our non profit Rumänienhilfe e.V, we support many local projects in Romania. The School in Vaideiu, located in our home town in Siebenbürgen (Transylvania), has a special place in our heart.

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Although Romania has been part of the European Union for a few years, the conditions for the poorest people are catastrophic and cannot be compared to the poverty level of individual member states. In many villages there is still no running water. The European Union set standards whereby all school sewer system needed to be connected to the main water supply in order to provide running water to individual school. As a result the elementary schools in Vaideiu and surrounding areas were closed. An unacceptable circumstance for the children affected who had lost their school and who were now forced to walk 5-8 kilometer to the nearest school as there was no public transportation due to poor unmaintained road conditions.

As a result of the increased influx of pupils the lessons needed to be conducted in two shifts. In addition pupils were subjected to teachers who had very little interest in teaching as they themselves had a severely limited income. Many fifth graders were unable to write their own name. An additional atrocity that alarmed us were the increased incidents of reported rape by a teacher. The abhorrent situation is well known throughout Romania with very little attention paid to these conditions.

For these reasons we decided to tackle the pervasive social problems ourselves. Fifteen years ago, with a lot of assistance we built a church in Vaideiu. The church was the first building in the village to be fitted with a pump that drew water from a well. The facility contained a septic tank field for the sewage run off as well bathrooms and toilet facilities.

With permission from the school district in Bucharest we converted our church and on the 17th of September 2012 a new private school was opened. The school operates from Mondays to Fridays and at the moment 23 children are divided into 4 classes with six teachers. During the weekend the church offers regular worship.

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Many of the children originate from fragmented families. In our school they experience a regular structure and christian values; a foundation for a healthy development. We hope that every child passes on the strength they learn to their families.

How can you help us? As our non profit foundation does not receive any support from Romania to assist with the school we are urgently looking for sponsors and donations for our school project. We need assistance to pay salaries for our teachers, provide social assistance, teaching material, electricity, heating and other relevant costs. Each child requires approximately 100 Euro per month, and our non profit is carrying the cost for two children.
We personally know the people who require assistance, and your donation will reach its intended target directly. Please help us to assist our projects.